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Although we refrain from placing anything on the pages promoting an individual horse, we do accept banner advertising in many places on the website. Place your banner advertising reservation and take advantage of our high volume of traffic from a very specific target market.

Since our site was just launched the end of June 2016, we are currently building traffic and heavily promoting the site, and have no current traffic analytics. We can tell you that our sister site,, boasts almost 200,000 page views on their most popular page, the New Listings page, and the site itself enjoys almost 2.4 million page views annually.


The introductory banner advertising rates below will be adjusted at the end of 2017. Get in on the ground floor at these great introductory rates and you’ll not only receive up to 18 months of exposure, but you’ll also be a preferred advertiser with special consideration pricing when your banner ad renews in December of 2017.

All banner advertising is linked to your website or Facebook page, whichever you prefer.

Home Page – $250/yr (only four positions available, square box format)

New Listings Page – $500/yr

By Discipline Pages – Your choice of discipline, $50 each/yr

By Price Page – $100/yr

For Lease Page – $50/yr

Page positions are available on an annual basis. Contact us if you have an interest in a specific page or time slot. All banner advertising must be paid before banner will be placed into the site.